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Not a single new post in my friends page for the last 14 days O.o. That's just scary.

Of course, I haven't posted either LOL, but usually other people have at least 'something' to say ;)

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  • IJ seems to be dying but for those who have linked journals or who still rp here. :S

    *waves* Hi!
    • Hi!!

      Very true, sadly. Not that I've spent much time here since Squeaky acted like an utter asshole towards one of my friends here LOL But that's neither here nor there :D

      But I'm glad to see you pop up! it's been a long while :) I don't rp anymore, so it's just a few random HP fandom communities that seem to update on my friendspage these days :)

      I hope all's fine with you?
      • *nods* The deleting thing was pretty bad. I think that was the last straw for most.

        I pretty much rp with Kit and K, and that's it these days. I've found journal rp is too much for me.

        Trying to move, so stressed, but I've been worse.
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