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InsaneJournal considering selling off inactive Asylums (with deleted/purged admins)

InsaneJournal considering selling off inactive Asylums (with deleted/purged admins)

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So yeah, if you want to save anything from old Asylums on InsaneJournal, now might be the time. From the tone of his post and comments on facebook, I get the feeling that the decision is already made and he's going to auction off old Asylums to highest bidders. Which mostly will be people who are after the name, and not the content

So, Asylum content WILL be deleted and purged in the future.

I'm going to take a look at all the communities I've been in to make sure the maintainer(s) haven't been deleted/purged in any of them. If they have however, I'll see if I can gain maintainership of them. I have a permanent personal account, so they'd never be deleted then ;) Not that I'm going to be active in them, but at least I'll be able to archive them in that case.

After the arrogant and nonchalant way Squeaky handled the 'accidental' deletion and purging of a large amount of active and real accounts in 2012 (in a fight against spam, he set up a program and didn't even properly test it first), and the currently ongoing deletion and purging of 1-year inactive accounts, I'm hardly surprised by this new idea.

Just very sad (and aggravated)

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  • He updated and will now only consider Asylums without content. But he's had the thought now, and I'm not sure at all he won't revisit it in the future. So, just in case and all that, save what you can from IJ.

    And frankly, go somewhere else. Like Dreamwidth.

    And lastly, if enterting a community - be it rp or fic-writing or anything else - save what you can while it's still running. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, no matter what journaling site is used.
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