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reason for continued absence (not likely that any have noticed though ;) )

reason for continued absence (not likely that any have noticed though ;) )

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I've moved on to Dreamwidth, where I'm also just Imma (to keep things simple)!

Feel free to connect with me there! -

The premise and start-up of InsaneJournal were very promissing and positive, but as time goes has failed to live up to expectations.

Lets hope Squeaky doesn't decide to delete this journal once I've not posted in it for a while. It seems to be a policy now, along with a lack of communication - especially when there's trouble (Like, oh I don't know, the anti-spam program randomly deleting AND purging actual legitimate active personal accounts, and Squeaky deciding NOT to inform users of this 'minor' problem before it's entirely too late. Then when he's called on it, tries to make up for deleting years of content without any way of getting it back, by offering ... a rename token???? Or 'coupons' to the site? WTF???

He might as well have said 'Well, get over it, it's no biggie...' Because noooo, 4-5 years of posts, comments, fanfiction and original fiction (amounting to more than 1 million words) is surely no biggie.

I'm direly tempted to entirely delete all my journals here, but you know, I'd rather fill his servers with inactive journals and make sure to poke them every time they're in danger of deletion, so he can't get rid of them. Because with that kind of treatment of me and a close friend, I turn into a spiteful bitch. Deal with it. The only regret I have is having purchased a permanent account here.

(just to be clear though, I've not created more journals in order to 'fill his servers with inactive journals'. I'm not that much of a dedicated bitch. I'm keeping the ones I have though, without making new content)
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