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See you on Dreamwidth

See you on Dreamwidth

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I've decided to move my main activity away from Insane Journal and over to Dreamwidth mainly.

There are many reasons for this, among others the poor handling of spam bots, deletions and purging of perfectly legal and ACTIVE REAL user journals WITHOUT ANY KIND OF NOTIFICATIONS to the users, deletion of so-called 'inactive' accounts that have actual content, lack of communication to the users... and well yeah, the fact that I hardly see more than 4-5 actual new posts on my friends page pr week.

I'll still log in once in a while and check up on friends who are only here, but I'm not going to add new content to this site (not that I've written much in my journal at all lately LOL).
  • I have a dw account. I need to use it more often. I've not been posting much anywhere due to the need to find a job consuming most of my time and what energy I've not devoted to knitting.

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