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Musings on motivation and quality of life

Musings on motivation and quality of life

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I listened to a man (Simon Steenholm) talk for 2,5 hours last night, and almost everything he said is something I've done subconsciously during the last year, perhaps even longer.

At least partially, and that's where the chain has hopped off for me. I haven't done it fully. I haven't extended it to include all of my life, all the aspects in me. I've only applied it to my change in life-style. Which is - while very big and all-encompasing for me - only part of who and what I am on a day to day basis.

I can use what I've done there in everything. It's all about four things.

Dare to get the idea and believe in it - this is where my dream comes from, to become the healthy, happy, joyful, slender and self-confident/self-loving individual I've hidden deep deep inside myself for so many years. I've dared look in there and see who I can be, if I truly want to... and dared believe I can make it so.

Motivation - something only I can create inside myself, of course also inspired by outside matters and others around me.

Focus - I do this every day, focusing on my dream and my motivation, concentrating on it and advertising for it. Advertising works. Not only on the person who views is, but also the person who generates it. I tell about my life-style change, about the reasons for it, about my feelings and my thoughts, my experiences and how EASY it is. The last is almost the most important. By advertising it's easy, I make it easy. That how our brain works. If I tell it 'it's fucking easy! I never thought it would be as easy as it IS to change this one thing! I want it! Now! it's EASY!' day after day, week after week, month after month, then my brain believes me and knows this is what I want, and then it will do EVERYTHING possible to get me there. Our brain is our friend, we just have to realise that. Whatever we tell it, be it good or bad, it will do all it can to get it for us. Being aware of that, I can 'program' (god, that has a negative ring, but it's entirely positive actually, and good!) my brain to help me get the good things I want. I just need to FOCUS on the POSITIVE things, FOCUS on what I truly WANT, and not allow anything to remove that focus.

Action - All the above is very pretty and nice, but essentially worthless if I don't DO it. If I dream and think about something I want, I have the motivation, I have the focus... but I don't do it, then it won't happen. Nothing happens by itself, you have to make it happen. You have to take action, even if it can be incredibly scary to make that jump, the leap of faith so to say. Not faith in a higher power - even if I'm sure that can help some to take action, all the more power to them! - but faith in ME, in my DREAM, in my MOTIVATION and my FOCUS.

And I've made it happen! I just never knew that this is HOW I did it, before this man pointed out those simple truths for me and made me laugh and think and realise how fucking awesome I've been, how much my brain has helped me and how easy it actually is to make your brain help you, as long as you know how it works.

Your brain will do anything for you, if it perceives you want it. If you focus on negativity, on anger, on pain, on sorrow, on destruction... this is what your brain will give you, as much as it possibly can! And god I'm terribly good at that, and guess what... my brain has been good at it too!!!

If you focus on positivity though, on happyness, on success, on joy, on productivity, on hope... your brain will hand it to you. It's given a new life to me in form of a 40 kg weighloss and incredibly improved quality of life, because i've done all those abovementioned things to make it happen.

Now I just need to do it with the rest of me and I almost don't dare believe what a wonderful life that might give me. But I WILL believe it it, because damnit, I WANT that wonderful happy joyful life, no matter what the external world throws at me.

Every day I will have to consciously dare believe in that dream, motivate myself, keep my focus on it and DO it! Just do it!

There's so much more, but my brain is still sifting through all the thoughts and feelings and impressions from last night.

I wish you all a wonderful day filled with joy


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