In the Mouth of Madness

On the 3rd day of Holiday, my true love gave to me...

On the 3rd day of Holiday, my true love gave to me...

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... two drabbles?

15 minutes each, 150 words each. Alright, I admit I had to sit around and think on it for a long while before I even found pen and paper. But still... and my true love really is my brain, these days. *cuddles it*

The prompts are from the ever lovely and ever wicked [info]iamisaac in a post on Livejournal (I promise, I'll get to the last one too, just... argh! Selfinsertion is not my force!)

Lucius and Charlie Weasley - PG - 150 words

• living in a world of old myths and legends, Lucius finds himself looking to Someone Else to help him through. – Considering the Wizarding World really is a world of old myths and legends...

A smouldering gaze was fixing Lucius as it slid over his body, sending tendrils of both fear and excitement down his spine. He knew the dangers of this, knew them intimately, and yet he always found himself back here. To yet again face those dangers.

Perhaps one day, the fear would be gone. Fear was not a feeling Lucius relished, and in all other matters of his life, also a feeling he had mostly eradicated. This was the last threshold, the last bastion.

But as with all the great matters in life, Lucius knew he could not walk this path alone.

This, and only this was why he endured the persistent and constant company of a cheerfully whistling Charlie Weasley, as the young lean Dragon tamer made sure the owner of the smouldering gaze – a huge Norwegian Ridgeback – was completely ready for their ride.

It was nothing else...

At all.


Severus/Remus - PG13 - 150 words

• Hatred and love can be close to each other. Severus knows this better than most.

“I hate you!” Severus hissed with well-known sharp venom in his voice and eyes, and he rejoiced in the almost minute recoil in the other.

No matter how futile both the sentiment and the words were in this situation, he needed to state them. They were like a comfortable old robe, soft and warm, sitting just right on his shoulders and around his body... around his mind. Even if they were but a lie.

Remus smiled softly, running a teasing finger through the chocolaty mess he’d created on Severus’ chest, up over collarbone, neck and jaw to reach those thin lips he only too often had seen drawn down in disgust and anger.

“I know. I love you too, Severus.” Remus knew Severus’ lips would be curled into a different form before his own reached them, and they both smiled into the kiss, sharing not only the sweetness of chocolate.


So there they are, my first drabbles since ... forever. Not completely satisfied, but not entirely put off either :)
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