In the Mouth of Madness

Brought to you by the letter H, for holiday ;)

Brought to you by the letter H, for holiday ;)

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Started my 2 week holiday today... by waking up at 5, unable to fall asleep again LOL It's the usual time I get up, but still. That unbearably reliable inner clock should have received the memo by now, that the Imma is on holiday and would like to sleep at least to 7 am. Pretty please with sugar on top.

Ah well, perhaps tomorrow.

After trundling around doing nothing other than enjoying I had nothing to do, I finally decided to clean the flat o.o

I know! Crazy!

And then I even sorted two big black bags of clothes and threw all out I didn't need anymore.

And went for a walk, first visiting my dad's house, where my stepsis was, and then out to mum's house for coffee, 3 hours of sunshine (ouch) and talking. It was really nice. I appreciate that the summer begins when my holiday begins. The current weather schedule gets my stamp of approval and I rate it to an A- (because of the clouds).

Now I'm back home, looking through the links I've been given by the wonderful people on my f-list, noting down prompts I'd like to do. So who knows, the next update might be a *gasp* drabble! (don't hold your breath though, I'd rather not have people keeling over on my behalf ;) )

So yeah, a wonderful day so far and not a single thing in sight worth whining over.

That has to be a first O.O

  • hope your inner clock will allow you a bit of rest while you are on holiday. I'm trying to find that photo I mentioned. :D
    • In a couple of days, it'll adjust. I just have to remember to turn that around again some days before I go back to work o.o

      Whee on the photo! I'll be waiting, both for the photo and the fic!
  • This sounds absolutely awesome! May the rest of your holiday be as good *hugs*
    • It has been awesome! Thanks sweetie *hugggs*
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