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Idle musings (or would that be 'whinings'?)

Idle musings (or would that be 'whinings'?)

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It's almost weird to write a journal entry, it's been so long.

Of course, it's mostly one of those 'I'm alive, don't send flowers yet' posts.

My brain is waking up though, after several years of hibernation due to stress/depression I was hit by in 2007 (omg, has it been so long?), and finds itself somewhat ... empty? LOL Creatively at least, since I miss writing and drawing so much it hurts. And yet I can't truly find any inspiration. It needs kick-starting I think, and even though I've tried several times already - and thus owe several fics/drawings/creations all around (which will get done, I promise!) - I think I've not been really ready before now.

I tried to start up RP'ing again in a LoTR game, but sadly ... it's dwindled to non-activity, which is the fate of many games *sighs* It's even more sad though, since my LoTR muses were clawing to get out and were bouncing about with ideas. So much, I even thought it could inspire me to actually start writing fic again in that fandom (or finish fics that have been dormant for years). But then the lack of any playing (and a few other issues) just slapped them down again. Perhaps that's a bad excuse, but when you end up playing with the same 2 (absolutely wonderful and incredibly creative people) while all others more or less ignore you or start up playing only to abandon the thread after 4-5 comments, then you get really discouraged :/ and start to wonder if you really suck that much.

Which is bad for those budding creative urges, we all know this.

I've then been looking at the old fic-prompt communities of the Theatrical Muse kind, but am somewhat dismayed to see them nearly empty, at least compared to back in 2005/2006. And I'm rather sure I'll need a very active community as inspiration, in order to get anything done at all.

Anybody got any ideas?

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  • There is activity on [info]snape_potter and a few other snarry asylums. You also might find something to spark interest at Kingsley 100, or at one of the snupin communities.

    Merlin seems to have an active fandom right now, and [info]elfflame has been doing some movie reviews which might get the creative urges flowing.
    • Thanks for the links :) I have to admit, Snarry isn't my favoured ship but it's always worth a look or three, and perhaps it can even inspire me.

      Merlin doesn't run on any of the channels I can pick up here *wistful sigh* It did for a while, but it seems Danes in general didn't like it. I loved the half season I got to watch, but well... maybe it'll come on one of the German channels LOL

      Thanks again! *hugggs*
      • Merlin is fun to watch. Pity it wasn't popular in your country. I enjoy laughing at the show and telling the boys to "snog already" :D

        prompt list this list is for a snarry fest. Some of the prompts can easily be changed to other characters or to other fandoms.

        • Hahaha yeah! Maybe I can find somewhere online where I can download the episodes, like I did with supernatural that's also been woefully disregarded by the dumb Danish general audience.

          Thanks for the link to the prompt list! *snugs* I might make a stab at some of them the coming two weeks where I have holiday. I promise to post (although, I don't promise it'll be Snarry *g*)

          (and yeah, it would help to log out of other accounts and into the right one before commenting *facepalms*)
          • Not posting Snarry is good. :D

            I saw a funny photo of a tree. The roots were shaped in such a way to make me think of Hagrid bottoming for an Ent. I may have to try and write a crossover fic. LOL
            • Hahahah omg, remember to poke me when you post! I'll have to read that.

              And do you have a link to the pic? LOL
  • hey you.

    A couple active ones:

    • Hey you! *huggles tightly* How are you??

      Thanks for the links, sweetie :)) I'll take a good long look at them!
      • I'm good, thank you!

        I lost my computer a couple weeks ago - not that anyone would actually know since I hardly post anymore. But life is good; I have a brand new computer now.

        My parents just sold their home so I'm spending way too much time over there helping them pack and get ready to move in a couple weeks. Every muscle in my body aches!

        I feel for you and RP'ing or writing. I miss it but I'm so tired lately that I don't have the energy to even think about writing. And I haven't RP'd in ages - I always felt like other people didn't like to RP w/ me so yeah. Maybe it's only in our heads. *g*
        • I know the feeling of perpetual exhaustion. I've had years of that and it's only know I'm getting on top of things for real again. And with your parents moving, it's no wonder you're tired *cuddles*

          And GAH, I loved rp'ing with you! it was so much fun and inspiring and I miss it terribly. so yeah, it's at least all in your head :) Everybody else I know who's ever played with you say the same, so there :)) *snugs*

          I hope you find some energy again soon, to write and perhaps even RP if the urge strikes you!
          • *cuddles you back*

            Awww, thank you. Ditto here, I adored RP'ing with you. So see, all in our heads. It's pretty easy to begin to think 'it's all my fault,' ya' know?

            It's really good to see you posting and I hope you stay on top of things.

            • Yes, it is. Our minds are stupid places :D

              It's really good to post again, and I'm looking so much forward to posting more. Fic (drabbles most likely, but still) and perhaps eventually also drawings, together with babble about my everyday life.

              You'll get sick of my posts soon enough! LMAO!

              <3 *snuggles*
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