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Basic whining, ignore at will

Basic whining, ignore at will

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Ah yeah, I suppose it was bound to happen eventually when being absent as much as I have been, both in posting and commenting.

But it would've been nice to know anyway :/ when people you still consider wonderful and good friends just ... don't feel like having me as a friend anymore.

But it's okay. I've not been much of a friend to anybody online (or in RL for that matter) for a while, so it' basically my own fault and I don't at all blame anybody for taking me off their f-list (it's not like I ever post anything interesting anyway *shrugs*).

It would just have been nice to know, instead of sitting back and wondering and feeling sad ...

(The irony being of course that those this post is about, wouldn't even know it since I won't turn up on their friends page anyway)
  • *sends love and hugs*
  • *hugs* Yeah, that is a weird feeling... But to be honest, you posting or not, when your RL has been as busy and upside down as it has really shouldn't matter. What kind of friend is it who only wants to be entertained? :(

    ♥ ♥ ♥ I love you, honey!
    • It's really weird, but not at all unexpected at least with one of them.

      I'm glad I have you, sweetheart :) Love you too *huggles supertightly*
  • *sends another hug* I'm sorry, sweetie.
    • Thanks, hon *snugs* I was in some way expecting it, in part. I suppose it just made me more sad than I'd thought it would.
  • *hugs*
  • now I'm sad in sympathy
  • Even if you don't get to post very often, and even though I don't always comment when you do, I always smile to see an Imma post because... well, it's an Imma post :) *loves you*
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