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PSA brought to you by the letter A for annoyed

PSA brought to you by the letter A for annoyed

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So, my cell phone was stolen this morning. Yay! Just what I needed. It had pictures of my family, friends, London..., numbers, old saved text messages... in short, a lot of memories stored over the last 2½ years. And now it's gone. *cries*

I want it back, damn it!

I have a new one though, and this is a bit amusing.

It is pink.

Chart, you know this colour tone... it would go marvelously, no SPLENDIDLY (this is my new favourite word *g*) with your hair <.< In fact, I think I could hide it in your hair and nobody would see it.

I have never in my life owned anything pink voluntarily, unless it was given to me. 

The things you do to save money, huh?

I have pictures from London Zoo. Especially some rather adorable Red River Hogs and ... now now , children, be calm... a SLOTH! There's also a melted Bean, but that requires a longer explanation *g* I'll upload them the moment my brain actually functions again from this hell week of getting back to work.

And I miss you all! It was such a good time in London at the tiny-con... I want to do it again next year...and the year after! And you have to be there! Or I shall cry *wibbles with puppy eyes*
  • Stolen cells SUCK enormously especially if the replacer is pink, OMG. And I'm with you on splendid being your new favourite word, not unsurprisingly, I would imagine ;)

    Next year I'm totally there! *hugs tightly* ♥
    • It is a SPLENDIDLY pink phone LOL ;)

      I can't wait for next year to come around!

    I think the actual shade you're talking about is known as Chart's Scalp Neon Pink. *checks one of the numerous charts on my desk*

    SLOTH!! Gotta love those guys with their two-more-cervical-vertibrae-than-all-other-mammals vibe going on.

    Don't cry and puppy!eyes at us, now. Most undignified. You'll be begging for chicken skin next. Tsk!
    • Teehee! Exactly!

      Sloths are made of .... <.< awesome *snigger* see, it's still there, in my vocabulary ;)

      I never said I was dignified!!! I can be rather pathetic, if the circumstances demand it. I'm blonde after all ;) And I suspect you're thinking about our German Porn Star Puppy and her strange chicken skin cravings *g*
  • Oh no! Phone theft. Horrible.

    And I am happily imagining the colour of the new phone and wishing I was back at the tiny-con with you. And I shall CERTAINLY come another time.
    • Yes you most certainly shall!!! We, your rather loud and crazy imaginary friends, demand it! Loudly! With wine ;)
  • I am also slightly paranoid that I spent all con saying "splendid" however, as it's a word I've had the piss taken out of me for over-using in the past :)
    • Hahahahaha, I can imagine that.

      Oh... I bet it sounds fantastic if you say it with your Snape voice ;)
  • You've been gone forever. *snugs* sorry about the phone being stolen. That sucks and not in the good way.

    Looky, there's a place for Kings to play with Sev. I'm sure the other auror types might like to have fun with him too. It's all low key, just fooling around threading when we can. :D
  • Sloths have two extra vertebrae? I have one. Does that mean I'm halfway there? I've been laying around hanging off the bed all week. Go slothful me!

    Casts ebol black magick spell on cellie stealer.
    Accio Imma's cell!

    I think Sinister has rubbed poison ivy on my face and I have a bug bite on my inner upper arm that makes me want to cry it hurts so bad.

    Whee! Another hell week all around!

    BUT! Sim Bia was born this morning. SimZelus was born yesterday. Everyone in the Thirumalai household wants to adopt a puppy so YES! Puppies for Adrian!

    Damien invited the Malfoys over for a formal dinner to celebrate the debut of his middle child spawn of Satan Hadrianita. The Malfoys magically popped the balloons whenever they entered a room. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the oven caught on fire just as Hadrianita blew out her candles. Everyone one was traumatized. Abraxis just left. Rajah handed champagne all around. It was the most ridiculous party that's ever happened to my Sims. I haz video to prove it.
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